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Welcome to my room. My name is Helen and I love sex! I felt the needles hammering my skin and vibrating. I leaned back and tried to relax. The master did not stop, and I felt my pussy swelling. It became all fired up. By each push I was stroke by some sexual current. I began to breathe more often. The master completed the line. The machine calmed down, and I was moaning in orgasm. -Does it hurt so much? I lifted my dress, spread my legs and pointed to the pussy. My panties were transparent, and now it was completely soaked and stuck all around to the contours of my lips. His eyes flashed with savagery. He pressed with his thumb on the plush lips and went into me along with panties ... I bit my lip, closed my eyes and melted into a mad wave of passion. I felt only my throbbing pussy. He rent my panties. He bent me over to the chair. He put an armlock on me and wound my hair on his fist. I could not move and was all burning. He abruptly put in his fat penis and began to hollow out my pussy. I was pierced with millions of needles all over my body. Orgasm fascinated me ... But the master stuck me on the whole length of the penis and stopped. God, I felt every millimeter of my pussy. I was shuddered! But he just pushed his penis into me harder and pulled my hair. Second hand slowly led the line with the tattoo machine on my heated skin. Heck! This combination of penis inside me and vibrating needles ... I went off every second. Orgasm hollowed and covered me in waves ... Not giving me time to recover, he turned my exhausted body, put his wet dick into my throat and violently fucked my head. I gasped and went off, and he went down his hot cum into my throat. I swallowed it all, licked dry his limp cock and balls. After the break we continued the session ... A session, which laied a start to my passion for tattoos. My wild passion for depraved sex ...

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